1005 Media is one of the

Fastest Growing


Our team of highly trained specialists will help you improve your results.

We provide the best real-time service, working closely with both parties to quickly adjust what does not fit well.

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1005 MEDIA

Our network, experience, and active campaign management will provide you with solid digital marketing solutions that adapt to your unique campaign.

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We connect brands to the most engaged audiences, cultivating your digital media campaigns with our experience in display advertising and advanced audience targeting methods.

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We provide global ad inventory coverage with immense fill rates and competitive compensation to create memorable experiences for online users.

1005 MEDIA

1005 Media is the market leader in performance based network, enabling publishers and advertisers access to international markets using state of the art technologies that manage the advertising processes.

1005 Media is one of the fastest growing advertising networks.

Monetizing over 5 billion monthly impressions and constantly adding new publishers to our family.

Our predictive technology allows us to monetize 100% of your inventory with the highest results.

Our team of highly trained specialists will help you to improve your results with the best real time service. We are considered between the best service orientated companies, where we priorize our customer experience and goal achievements.

The RTB Technology (Real Time Bidding) is the new tool in the world of Online Publicity that allows the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to make a real-time offer for new requests of Ads based on the requirements and goals of the audience, which gives them more visibility concerning the advertisers and best chances of obtaining higher prices for their traffic level.

1005Media uses the RTB Technology to identify the relevant target Group and the relevant locations as well as to distribute different types of Mobile Media in multiple networks, allowing the Companies to create and to launch more optimized advertising campaigns.


For what kind of advertising is 1005 Media qualified for?

With our broad portfolio of mixed ad formats, we can offer different advertising effects on your target audience.

How do I proceed implementing advertising into the system? Benefit?

With our full automatically system you can reach every website within our Network without any problems, with detailled information to these Websites. Just sign up for free & have a look at our transparent system.

What do I have to consider, which Ads are allowed to promote with 1005 Media?

We do not deliver any PostView banner & Adult projects. Projects which are dubious in legal terms, we reserve to reject them. If you might have charged your credit balance already it will be paid back of course.

According to what criteria can I set up my Ads?

You can practically define all parameters by yourself, Impressions, unique Impressions, individual reload blocks (Capping), geografical data, topic categories an also thedirect URL of the website of your interest.


1005 Media offers you the possibility to earn money by providing advertising space into your blog or website.

YOUR FIRST STEPS AS PUBLISHER WITH 1005 MEDIA The 1005 Media System is not so complex as it might be seem at first place: we take you through the first steps.

1. In which case can I use 1005 Media Ads?

• You are running your own website WITH YOUR OWN WEBSPACE / SERVER
• You are running a forumor a blog with a third party provider
• You are delivering ads on websites of your useres/members • You want to refund external bought traffic

2. How do I implement Ads into my website?
• For the implementation you either need direct access to the HTML source text of your website or a Plugin, which allows embedding codes. Of course we will help you, please have your administration details ready.

3. How do I earn money with BinLayer after implementing the Ads?

You earn money with every real visitor of your page, depending on the Ad tool you are using. In most cases you receive a fixed remuneration per 1000 contacts (CPM). This remuneration will be added to your account and can be paid out.

How and when do I receive my requested payments?
As soon as you reached the minimum amount of $20 you can request payments. After approximately 30 days and a maximum of 35 business days (accourding to General Terms and Conditions), your payment will be processed.

Publishers Testimonials

We are appreciative to everyone who has been a part of our journey.

“1005 Media is a strong business, able to deliver high volume advertising at good CPMs. They have been our trusted partner for over 1 year and I'm looking forward to develop this relationship much further..“